The Welsh LockdownFirebreak rules

Wales went into lockdown from Friday as COVID-19 cases rise. People have been told to stay at home, while pubs and restaurants are ordered to close. As health is a devolved issue, Mark Drakeford, Welsh First Minister, announced the plans in a press conference. However, throughout the week this lockdown was met with criticism, with many shops closing off parts of their store selling ‘non-essential’ goods, including books and furniture. This issue will be discussed by Mark Drakeford and the Welsh Government in the coming days.

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Exam Question (AQA): ‘Local COVID-19 lockdowns have shown the strength of devolution in the UK.’ Analyse and evaluate this statement. [25]
Exam Question (Edexcel): Evaluate the view that the COVID-19 local lockdowns have strengthened devolution in the UK. [30]

Free School Meals

Conservative MPs were met with fury from the public as they voted against extending free school meals into the school holidays. This has been an issue pushed by footballer Marcus Rashford, who has expressed disappointment in the government’s decision to reject a call to extend free school meals into the holidays.

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US Election Updates

This week was the final debate between Trump and Biden, and questions ranged from coronavirus to NATO to China. This will be an interesting election to follow, and for sure a case study to follow in the future!

Click here to see the most recent poll results.

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Post-Brexit Trade Talks Extended

Despite weeks of back-and-forth between the EU and the UK, an agreement has been reached to extend the post-Brexit trade talks. Michel Barner, the EU’s chief negotiator, spent the weekend in London and, despite being expected to return home on Sunday, will stay until Wednesday. Brandon Lewis, Northern Ireland Secretary, described the move as “a very good sign”.

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