In the first of (hopefully) many updates, we’d like to share some feedback from users and customers. We’re continuing to be making some improvements over the coming weeks and months, which will hopefully make an improvement to your experience. Our main changes are listed below, but we’re also working on some other great little projects to help every A Level Politics student!

1: AQA are stopping AS Politics
Unfortunately, AQA have made the decision to stop offering the AS Politics after Summer 2021. As such, we will be focusing our content on A Level resources for AQA. But don’t worry – we’ll still offer resources for Edexcel AS.

2: More case studies
We know that case studies are an important part of A Level Politics, and our library of case studies is growing! We’ll continue to use a mix of case studies written by Study Politics, as well as other sources.

3: What the hell does Study Essentials mean?
Our latest range of free resources are great for targeting your revision to the right places. However, we recognise that the name is a little confusing! Therefore, we will be renaming Study Essentials to Revision Tools.

4: Revision Playlist is good, but…
We need to add some podcasts, we know! We’re going to work on revamping our Revision Playlist page, making it easier to use and with a wider variety of resources. The list is always growing, so if there’s something you’re looking for in particular, have a look on the page or let us know!

5: More Practice Papers
Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’re working on more practice papers for both AQA and Edexcel as we speak, and aim to have three full sets available by the end of the year!

We wouldn’t be able to make these resources without your feedback and your support. Please continue to send your feedback to us on our contact page. We’re also making most of our announcements on our Twitter page, which we’d recommend following for other great Politics A Level accounts!