Priti Patel bullying scandal

Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, has been under fire in recent days due to the publishing of reports stating that she has been bullying civil servants in the Home Office. It led to the Prime Minister’s advisor on the ministerial code, Sir Alex Allan, resigning as a result of the allegations.

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Voting age reduced in Wales

This week in Wales, the voting age for local council elections was reduced from 18 to 16. It follows Scotland, who reduced the voting age for the 2014 referendum to 16. The bill passed in the Senedd, and Julie James, Minister for Housing and Local Government, said: “This Bill will enable a local democracy which reflects our diversity as a nation, provide local government with new ways to support and serve their communities and reinvigorate local democracy in Wales.”

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Boris Johnson calls devolution a “disaster” in Scotland

During a meeting with Conservative MPs, Prime Minister Boris Johnson described devolution in Scotland as a “disaster”. This led to widespread criticism, particularly from the SNP and Labour. However, in response to the allegations, the Prime Minister said that “devolution in Scotland has facilitated the rise of separatism and nationalism in the form of the SNP, and that that’s trying to break apart the United Kingdom.”

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