The US Election

A very tense week ended with many news outlets reporting that Joe Biden had reached the threshold of 270 electoral college votes needed to secure the presidency. While the lawsuits by President Trump continue, we are unable to confirm if Joe Biden has become President-elect of the United States; however, this is looking increasingly likely.

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Brexit Party becomes Reform UK

Nigel Farage has announced that the Brexit Party is to become Reform UK, as an opposition party of the government’s handling of the pandemic and their decision to lock down for a second time. He said renewed lockdown would “result in more life-years lost than it hopes to save” and argued that “building immunity” would be more effective.

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Marcus Rashford’s School Meal campaign continues

More than £400m will be spent by the government to support poor children and their families in England, following a campaign by footballer Marcus Rashford. Prime Minister Boris Johnson telephoned the Manchester United and England player on Saturday to tell him of the new plans.

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