A New Lockdown!

Boris Johnson sought to avoid a second national lockdown, but citing an uncontrollable rise in cases, England is to lock down again from Thursday 5th November until the 2nd December. Sir Keir Starmer, leader of the opposition, proposed to introduce a ‘circuit-breaker’ lockdown weeks ago, and has criticised the government for not acting sooner.

Specification Links: Prime Minister and Executive, Parliament and Power of the Opposition

Jeremy Corbyn suspended from Labour

In a historic series of events, Jeremy Corbyn, the former Labour leader, was suspended from the party due to an inquest by the EHRC on anti-semitism within the party. Sir Keir Starmer apologised to the party and the public for the failings of the leadership, and vowed that people who believe that anti-semitism is not an issue with the party are ‘a part of the problem.’

Specification Links: Political Parties, Influence of the Media

US Election Updates

This time next week we’ll hopefully have a clearer picture of what the American political landscape will look like for the next four years. The final week of campaigning saw both Biden and Trump travel far and wide to pick up as many vote as they could. You can find the BBC’s article on the two candidates’ policies here. Make sure you keep updated with the US election for a future case study!

Specification Links: US Democracy and Participation

Potential Exam Questions

AQA: ‘The power of party leaders is dictated by the media.’ Analyse and evaluate this statement. [25]
Edexcel: Evaluate the view that the opposition is effective in holding the government to account. [30]
Edexcel: Examine the differences in two-party systems between the US and UK. [12]