Congratulations to everyone that has received their results in the October 2020 series. Despite the difficult few months you went through, you gave it your all, and we hope you got the results you thoroughly deserve. We are able to use the results and grade boundaries to help improve the results of future students by focusing on specific areas of the course.

Student Attainment

2020 2019 Politics Grade Boundaries

A comparison of the boundaries allows us to see a general increase in the proportion of students gaining the top A* grade across both exam boards, however achievement at other grades is generally lower for AQA from A to E.

For Edexcel, grades have increased significantly between the 2019 and 2020 exams across the board, including a 9% rise in A grades and 8% rise in B grades.

Grade Boundaries

October 2020 Grade Boundaries
June 2019 Grade Boundaries

In the above data sets, the exam board label is the overall grade boundary for that set of exams, and the papers indicate the grade boundaries for each individual paper.

Download the above data as an Excel spreadsheet here.

AQA: the worst-performing paper was US Government and Politics (Paper 2). UK Government and Politics (Paper 1) has become the best-performing of the three papers, overtaking Political Ideas (Paper 3). Overall grade boundaries are down roughly 3% across the board compared with 2019.

Edexcel: Global Politics continues to be the toughest route taken, however, its increase in grade boundary has reduced slightly over last year. Paper 2 is the best performing of the two UK papers. Overall grade boundaries are roughly 5% lower across the board compared with 2019.

What Study Politics will do:

From the October 2020 results

  • Knowledge of US Government and Politics requires improvement across the two exam boards. Whilst grade boundaries are lower, this reflects the difficulty of the situation and the relaxation of exam boards towards grades. We will create and collate resources that aim to improve the revision of the topics within the US Government and Politics topic(s).
  • It will be difficult to gauge where grade boundaries will lie in June 2021, combined with the Ofqual announcement that grade boundaries will be lower. Thus our practice papers will not include grade boundaries, as we cannot estimate where they will be.

From recent Ofqual announcements

  • The exam timetable has been moved back by three weeks, to allow students more time to prepare for exams. We will create resources for these three weeks to allow students to prepare more effectively.
  • “Some topic areas” of the exams will be revealed by the exam boards in early Spring 2021. Using this information, we will create a range of resources that target these topics and improve students’ knowledge of these highlighted areas of the specifications.
  • An additional set of papers will be able to be sat after the main June exam series, to allow students who have missed exams due to self-isolation or illness to take them. We will update you when we hear from exam boards of how these exams will occur and what preparation will be needed.