The most common question we get at Study Politics is how to revise for A Level Politics.

There are many techniques involved in revising for A Level Politics. The most popular techniques involve writing revision notes and flashcards. However, these are not the most productive methods of revision for A Level Politics. Many people negate the importance of exam technique, the most important aspect of revising A Level Politics.

For AQA, a 25-mark essay question only allocates five marks for knowledge and understanding. This means that 80% of your marks are for exam technique. Using revision notes or flashcards leaves out 80% of your marks.

For Edexcel, a 30-mark essay question includes only ten marks for knowledge and understanding, meaning over 66% of your marks are for exam technique, such as analysis and evaluation.

So, using techniques such as revision notes and flashcards are limiting in gaining higher grades. The highest-grade students use alternative revision methods that prioritise exam technique.

What are some of these methods, and how can I use them to unlock the higher grades?

How to revise for A Level Politics Step 1: Practice makes perfect

Practicing exam questions and completing practice papers is the best way to revise for A Level Politics. We at Study Politics passionately believe in practice makes perfect. Completing a practice essay question and understanding where you’re missing the mark is the best way to improve for the real exam.

Study Politics offers a range of practice papers for AQA and Edexcel A Level Politics. Each pack provides over 18 hours of additional exam practice that allows you to understand the exam technique and unlock higher grades.

How to revise for A Level Politics Step 2: Mix your methods

Prioritising your time to note-taking and flashcards is unproductive. Using a range of revision methods that prioritise exam technique over knowledge will help develop your essay writing skills. There are a range of ways this can be done.

We’d recommend writing out essay plans when you complete revision notes, for example. Ensure to include analysis of your points and evaluate them with a practice question to practice these essential essay skills.

How to revise for A Level Politics Step 2: Knowledge is out there

There are plenty of resources available to help you revise for A Level Politics. Study Politics offers an extensive range of revision tools, practice papers and more to help you master your A Levels. Exam boards also offer plenty of resources that help to explain what the Assessment Objectives mean and how you can achieve high marks in them.

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