Why Study A Level Politics? A Level Politics is an incredibly interesting subject, encompassing many important skills and knowledge that you will keep for life. Many people are now choosing Politics and other humanities subjects at A Level, and with STEM is one of the top growing subject groups for A-Levels.

Writing skills

Being able to write effective essays that convey a point of view and backing that with evidence is an incredible skill to have for later in life. Whether you go to university, an apprenticeship or employment, evidence-based writing is a skill that many employers look for and will be a credit to your skillset at university. In A Level Politics, you will answer a range of short and longer questions that test your ability to write in a time-limited environment. Thus, when you master the writing for A Level Politics, you’ll be set for life.

Interesting and useful topics

The list of topics studied at A Level are incredibly useful to your general knowledge of how the UK and world work. From knowing what the UK Constitution is, what impact the media has on how we vote, and the best way to protect human rights, the topics are incredibly interesting and can spark an interest in other areas of politics for many students.

Respected by universities and employers

Politics is a respected subject for many universities and employers, due to its extensive list of topics that are assessed. Many universities will require you to have studied an essay-based subject for subjects like history, politics, and economics. Having A Level Politics allows you to access these courses and shows that you are able to cope with writing evidence-based essays.

It’s the best way to learn about politics

Politics is not on the UK curriculum for Key Stage 3 or GCSE. This means that, apart from a small section in PSHE, politics will not be covered by students. This is despite politics having a vital impact on our lives and us as citizens making many political decisions, such as voting in elections. The best way to learn about topics that directly impact your life is to study A Level Politics.

We’re here to support you

Study Politics is a platform built to support A Level Politics students. Whether it’s through an extensive past paper library, revision notes to help with content knowledge or more, we’re here to help.

So, why study A Level Politics?

This article has demonstrated many reasons as to why you should study A Level Politics. It is useful to have a good grade in a writing subject, particularly history. It is also a great subject for people that like to keep up with current affairs and reading the news.

Study Politics founder Leo Carr recently gave an interview discussing the reasons why politics should be taught in schools, as part of School Should Be. Listen to the podcast episode here.