It’s nearly the summer holidays, and this exceptional year is coming to an end. With that, I’m sure many are excited to take a well-earned break. But keeping your political knowledge fresh over the summer is great for A Level Politics. We’ve created an A Level Politics Reading List we recommend so you can keep engaged over the summer.

If you want some other books, TV shows, movies or more, check out our Revision Playlist, which has a huge list of A Level Politics media to improve your knowledge of all topics.

UK Politics

UK Politics Annual Update 2021 – this annual book written for A Level Politics students includes all of the recent big political events. Events this time include the government response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Black Lives Matter protests and the state of political parties.
This Land – written by Owen Jones, a columnist for the Guardian and activist for Labour, this book looks to build a more equal society using figures from across the political spectrum.
We’re Living Through the Breakdown – this book is written by Tatton Spiller of Simple Politics, and looks at how we can understand politics in an age of huge change.

Political Ideas

50 Politics Classics – a great book that helps to condense the main ideas of many key thinkers, including Thomas Hobbes, Mary Wollstonecraft and more.
Essentials of Political Ideas – an A Level book that looks into the political ideas, their thinkers and other revision tips.

US Politics

US Politics Annual Update 2021 – similar to the UK edition, this book is written for A Level Politics students, and includes updates about the COVID-19 pandemic in the USA, and the 2020 presidential election.
UnPresidented – written by the BBC’s North America correspondent, this book looks at the 2020 presidential election from behind the scenes, an election like no other.

Global Politics

Prisoners of Geography – a book detailing the big powers in global politics, and how maps can explain them.
The Power of Geography – the sequel to Prisoners of Geography that discusses the future of global politics and power.
The Last Utopia – the history of human rights, and where they’re heading for.

What else would you add to an A Level Politics Reading List?

Let us know at, and we’ll add your suggestions to our list. Make sure to check back on this list, as it will be continually updated.