While A2 Politics specifications no longer exist, and therefore A2 Politics revision resources are outdated, Study Politics has created a range of new revision resources for A Level Politics. Using a range of revision methods is the best way to improve your grade and unlock your A* potential. Find our A2 Politics revision resources here, written for Edexcel and AQA A Level Politics specifications.

Revision Notes

Our library of revision notes extends across the specification, providing summarised information about UK Politics, UK Government and Political Ideas. Find our range of revision notes below.

Practice Papers

At Study Politics, we are a firm believer in practice makes perfect, and the best way to revise for A Level Politics is through completing practice essays. While there are limited past papers available at the moment, we’ve written a range of A Level Politics practice papers to help you get additional exam practice.

Summary Grids

Our range of summary grids help to condense lots of information into easy-to-read tables. They’re great for revising the ideas of key thinkers, functions of political institutions and other information. Find our range of summary grids below.

Other Resources

As part of our upcoming Study Politics Premium plan, you’ll get access to all of the above A2 Politics revision resources, plus many more, including:

  • Case Studies
  • Model Essays
  • Source Questions

Register your interest for our Study Politics Premium plan here, and we’ll let you know when the resources become available.