Our range of AQA A Level Politics resources

Our AQA A Level Politics resources are written for the 7152 specification. We have a huge range of high quality resources available, including:

  • Political Ideas Resources
  • Case Studies
  • Practice Papers

Please find a sample of our AQA A Level Politics resources below.

Political Ideas Resources

Political Ideas form an important part of A Level Politics, as in the AQA specification they have their own paper. We’ve written and are continuing to write a range of AQA A Level Politics resources for political ideas. You can find our AQA A Level Politics Political Ideas resources below.

Case Studies

Case Studies are available as part of our free resources for all A Level Politics specifications. You can find these case studies in PDF form on our case studies page.

Our case studies are written for both AQA and Edexcel specifications, are kept up to date with political information and are from a range of sources including Hodder Education, Pearson and, of course, Study Politics. We know how important case studies are for your notes, so you can add our case studies to your folder by printing them out or writing them into your notes.

Practice Papers

Practice Papers are an important aspect of revision for A Level Politics. They allow you to practice your exam technique and get a feel of how the paper will look on exam day. We’ve written a huge range of practice papers for the AQA specification, totalling over 20 hours of extra practice. Find our range of AQA A Level practice papers below, or on our A Level Politics Practice Papers page.

Revision Notes

We’ve written a huge library of revision notes as part of our AQA A Level Politics resources library. We currently have revision notes available for UK Politics, and are working to release our notes for US Government and Politics, and all core and non-core political ideas. Find our range of AQA A Level Politics revision notes below, or on our A Level Politics Revision Notes page.

More Resources

We have a huge additional volume of resources available, ranging from a revision playlist with TV shows, movies, books and more to engage with political ideas and theories, to a library of A Level Politics past papers to get practising.

Free Resources: revision tools, past papers and more
Premium Resources: more low cost revision materials