A Level Politics Edexcel Resources

We’ve written a huge range of Edexcel A Level Politics resources for 8PL0 and 9PL0 specifications, including:

  • Revision Notes
  • Case Studies
  • Practice Papers

Please find a sample of our A Level Politics Edexcel resources below.

Revision Notes

We’ve written a huge library of revision notes as part of our Edexcel A Level Politics Resources library. These notes cover the entire specification, including US Government and Politics and Global Politics. Find our full range of A Level Politics Revision Notes here.

Case Studies

Case Studies are available as part of our free resources for both AQA and Edexcel A Level Politics specifications. You can find these case studies in PDF form on our case studies page.

Our case studies are kept up to date with political information and are from a range of sources including Hodder Education, Pearson and, of course, Study Politics.

Edexcel A Level Politics Practice Papers

We know that practice makes perfect, which is why we’ve written a library of practice papers as part of our Edexcel A Level Politics resources library. Click here for our range of A Level Politics Practice Papers.

More Resources

Free Resources: revision tools, past papers and more
Premium Resources: more low cost revision materials