Why are case studies needed in A Level Politics?

Case Studies are a vital part of A Level Politics; essays should never be written without including at least one! They show the examiner that you can use evidence and examples to back up your points, along with analysing the significance of political events. This range of case studies are excellent for your notes and help to improve your essays. The list is constantly growing, but let us know if there’s a topic you want to be covered.

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Update (6th October 2020): We’re working hard on our A Level Politics case studies, and can’t wait to show you. You can see the topics we’re working on below, and the links will become available as we upload them to our website.

(*: Case Study not written by Study Politics but we still recommend it!)

UK Politics

Pressure Groups
SV: London Mayoral Elections
Three General Elections: 1983, 1997 and 2019
Civil Liberties & Rights
Participation Crisis
Political Party History
STV: Northern Irish Assembly
AMS: Scottish Parliament
Referenda: Scotland (2014)

UK Government

Prime Ministers: David Cameron and Edward Heath
*Supreme Court Cases (by Politics Review)
Collective & Individual Responsibility
The Coalition Government
Influence of the EU

USA Politics

2020 US Election Policies
*Impeachment of Donald Trump (by Pearson)
The Second Amendment
Federalism & The Death Penalty
Oversight in Congress
Sources of Presidential Power
Limits on Presidential Power
Foreign Policy
Civil liberties: Gun Control
Supreme Court Cases
The 2020 US Election
The 2016 US Election
Interest Groups

Global Politics

Reailsm & Liberalism: Iraq and Vietnam Wars
Realist Thinkers
Liberal Thinkers
Superpower Geopolitics: The USA & China
The Treaty of Westphalia
Humanitarian Intervention: Libya (2011)
The IMF & World Bank: Greece
Landmark Court & Tribunal Cases
Climate Conferences: Paris & Copenhagen
Emerging Powers
Types of Government
Brexit & The Limits of Regionalism

Political Ideas

*Thomas Hobbes: Leviathan (by Politics Review)
The Ideas of Charles Maurras
Conservative Key Thinkers
Liberal Key Thinkers
Socialist Key Thinkers
Anarchist Key Thinkers
Ecologist Key Thinkers
Feminist Key Thinkers
Multiculturalist Key Thinkers
Nationalist Key Thinkers