A Level Politics Practice Papers written by Study Politics mirror the experience of the actual A-Level exam. Our A Level Politics Practice Questions are made for Edexcel AS Politics (8PL0), Edexcel-A Level Politics (9PL0), and AQA A-Level Politics (7152).

Why do I need A Level Politics practice questions?

The current Politics specifications are still rather new, and while there are a couple of past papers available, there isn’t enough for most students to get sufficient exposure to exam-style questions. We’ve written four whole sets of A-Level politics practice papers in the style of the actual exam papers for all exam boards, meaning you have loads of exam extra-style practice!

Each set of practice papers comes with all the trimmings: every single non-core ideology is covered, and we include papers for Edexcel for both USA and Global Politics, depending on which route you will take. They are written to look like the actual exam, meaning you get to feel familiar with what you will be sitting in the summer.

A Level Politics Practice Papers: Bundles

It’s 3 for 2 on our practice paper bundles! Save 33% on our practice papers by buying a bundle of three. Each. A Level Politics Practice Papers Bundle provides up to 18 hours of additional, affordable exam practice, allowing you to get used to the feel of the exam and improve your marks! Why pay more for the same, when you can get all three for 33% off!

AQA A Level Politics Practice Papers

Our AQA practice papers are written for A-Level specification 7152, and cover all non-core political ideas for Paper 3 (Political Ideas). All sources are included for each paper.

Edexcel A Level Politics Practice Papers

Our Edexcel practice papers are written for both AS specification 8PL0 and A Level specification 9PL0. The A Level papers cover all non-core political ideas in Paper 2, along with both USA Politics and Global Politics for Paper 3. All relevant sources in Paper 1 and Paper 2 are included.