A-Level Politics Revision notes can be hard to write, and many students end up copying the textbook. Our Revision Notes have the whole specification covered, and help to condense core ideas, concepts and information into concise yet comprehensive knowledge that is easy-to-read! Whether you need to revise a certain topic or need help with your end of course revision, Study Politics’ revision notes are here to help!

Why do I need A Level Politics revision notes?

Revision Notes are essential for revising for end of topic tests and actual A Level exams – making sure you know all the topics and the content within them is crucial. Our revision notes cover the entire specification and are written to a high standard. We know how difficult it can be to compress the two-years’ worth of information you’ve learned in A Level Politics down to a few revision notes. That’s why we made these sets of A-Level Politics Revision Notes to help you.

AQA A Level Politics Revision Notes

Edexcel A Level Politics Revision Notes

We’re in the process of writing our revision notes for Comparative Politics for Edexcel and will then focus on creating AQA revision notes. Many of the notes for Edexcel and AQA are interchangeable, due to the significant overlap between the two specifications, however the Edexcel notes do not cover the entire AQA specification. You can find the specifications here for AQA and Edexcel to figure out which areas of the specification you’re missing or find our revision checklists on our Revision Tools page.

Our revision notes also include case studies for many relevant examples, in addition to a list of key terms at the end of the notes to make sure you’ve covered the requirements of the topic. We keep our revision notes updated periodically to ensure that examples and case studies included in them are the most relevant to the current political climate, so make sure that you check back after your purchase to ensure you have the latest version! Our A-Level Politics Revision Notes were last updated on 14 May 2021.