Best Ways to Revise for A Level Politics

Some of the most common questions we get at Study Politics relate to the best ways to revise for A Level Politics. There are many techniques involved in revising for A Level Politics. The most popular techniques involve writing revision notes and flashcards. However, these are not the most productive methods of revision for A Level Politics.

Many people negate the importance of exam technique, the most important aspect of revising A Level Politics is to practice answering exam questions.

What are some of these methods, and how can I use them to unlock the higher grades?

Best ways to revise step 1: understand your best method

It’s no secret that different people prefer to revise in different ways. For some, that’s making notes; for others, it’s watching videos. The way to make your revision really count is to mix your methods. The best ways to revise A Level Politics may be a mix of audio, visual and reading. This will ensure higher levels of knowledge consumption.

Study Politics has a wide range of revision material available in a variety of formats. From video lessons to audio notes and full course notes. If you’re struggling to find out which is the best method for you, try different ones out and see what fits. This is vital in getting as much of the core knowledge as possible.

Best ways to revise step 2: Practice makes perfect

However, the best ways to revise don’t simply refer to consuming course content. We at Study Politics passionately believe in practice makes perfect for a good reason. Completing a practice essay question and understanding where you’re missing the mark is the best way to revise once you have sufficient knowledge.

For AQA, a 25-mark essay question only allocates five marks for knowledge and understanding. This means that 80% of your marks are for exam technique. For Edexcel, a 30-mark essay question includes only ten marks for knowledge and understanding, meaning over 66% of your marks are for exam technique, such as analysis and evaluation. Would you say the best way to revise for a level politics is by missing up to 80% of your marks?

So, using techniques such as revision notes and flashcards are limiting in gaining higher grades. The highest-grade students use alternative revision methods that prioritise exam technique. They also use techniques that allow them to quickly recall factual information in exams.

Whilst the library of past papers is growing, there are still plenty of opportunities for additional exam practice. Study Politics offers a range of practice papers for AQA and Edexcel A Level Politics. Each pack provides over 18 hours of additional exam practice that allows you to understand the exam technique and unlock higher grades.

Best ways to revise step 3: Knowledge is out there

There are plenty of resources available to help you revise for A Level Politics. Study Politics offers an extensive range of revision tools, practice papers and more to help you master your A Levels. Exam boards also offer plenty of resources that help to explain what the Assessment Objectives mean and how you can achieve high marks in them. Furthermore, forums and communities like The Student Room are full of past and present students willing to help you achieve, along with sharing their best ways to revise.

We’re here to help

Study Politics is a website built to help A Level Politics students. If you have any questions or suggestions on the best ways to revise, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

Also remember that exams are there to test your skills in the subject. They aren’t written to catch you out or trick you; examiners want you to show how well you know a certain topic. It’s easy to worry and stress about exams, but keep this important tip in mind. The best ways to revise include finding what works for you to remember the knowledge and master the technique. Once you’re beginning to develop your knowledge of the content, don’t forgot to put it into practice.

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Best Ways to Revise for A Level Politics

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