My Story

Hi, I’m Leo and I’m the founder of Study Politics. I am a Politics student at the University of Exeter, focusing on international relations, British politics, and political philosophy. I achieved an A* at A-Level Politics and enjoy teaching others about important political issues. Throughout my education I have been a passionate debater, and in my spare time I enjoy playing the drums. I hope to become a fully qualified politics teacher when I graduate university. My favourite topics in the A-Level are electoral systems and the whole global unit.

I started Study Politics because whilst revising for my A Levels, I realised there was such a limited range of affordable resources written for politics and the humanities in general. Instead of paying for ridiculously expensive resources, I decided to make affordable and high-quality revision tools that would have helped myself and the tens of thousands of others that take A Level Politics each year.

Writing the content has also taught me more about political topics I didn’t learn at A Level, including the politics of the USA, and other ideologies like feminism and multiculturalism. I also intend to use my university studies to introduce students to relevant examples and topics that they wouldn’t find in an A Level textbook.

Study Politics Founder Leo Carr - About Us

Leo Carr
Founder, Tutor & Content Writer

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions, suggestions or just want to talk! I enjoy hearing feedback about Study Politics’ resources and endeavour to make them better where I can. You can get in touch with me using the above icons.

Our Aims

Study Politics has three objectives, which help to create rounded and knowledgeable young politicians:

To educate: ensuring students have the background knowledge to achieve grades they can be proud of taking forward in their career.

To encourage: where students encounter issues with their learning, Study Politics will get them back on track to target grades and beyond towards the exam period.

To extend: students develop a love of the subject outside the classroom, engage in further learning materials and extend beyond their target grades.

All of our resources are built to achieve our target: allow students to unlock their A* potential with resources in a range of multimedia formats.