Last updated on 16th July 2021

By purchasing a school subscription to Study Politics resources, you agree to the following copyright licence terms:

The ‘purchasing school’ refers to the individual school site that has purchased the subscription. This is understood to be the physical school site (with its own postcode), rather than the school centre number (although in most cases these will be the same). In the case of federated academies, each physical school location is deemed an individual school for the purposes of this service. We are able to offer a different form of licence agreement for federations and this should be discussed directly.

This agreement must be agreed in addition to the Terms and Conditions ( and Privacy Policy (

  1. Use of Products

Resources may be used by the students and teachers at the purchasing school during activities for which the school has responsibility. Resources cannot be used by staff for teaching elsewhere or by students for use in non-school (i.e., private) tutorials. Products may not be lent, sold or republished under any circumstances.

  1. Copying and Backups

Copies of the resources may be shared amongst the teachers and students at the purchasing school only.

You may do the following:

  • Print, photocopy and file resource material.
  • Copy files to a school-based server for sharing on a private school network.
  • Copy files to computers around the school.
  • Integrate resources with a virtual learning environment, learning management system or school intranet.
  • Copy files to a student-owned device (laptop, tablet, etc.). Off-site use is allowed, provided that all use is entirely on behalf of the purchasing school and that students have been aware of this license.
  • Copy files to a teacher-owned device (laptop, tablet, etc.). Off-site preparation work by teachers is allowed provided that this is entirely on behalf of the purchasing school.

You must not do the following:

  • Download video lessons to personal or school computers. These are only to be accessed by via the Study Politics secure website.
  • Send, via email or other means, the resources to students outside of the registered school site.
  • Publish the resources to a public-accessible website.
  • Attempt to download any file, video or image on the Study Politics website that does not have a direct download link.
  • Share login information with any student.

Resources may be used as long as an active subscription exists. If a purchasing school does not renew a subscription, all Study Politics resources that have been downloaded must be deleted immediately.

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