Introducing Revision Tools: key revision resources

We’re thrilled today to announce a brand new set of free resources. We call them Revision Tools, and they’re exactly what they say on the tin: essential revision resources for everyone studying politics.

What are they?

Revision is stressful, and the time can fly by particularly if you are keeping busy. You may also find it difficult to identify exactly where you need to spend your time. We’ve built a range of revision tools for students to help get the most out of those critical few weeks. There are also some resources you can use throughout your time studying A Level Politics to help keep on top of your studies. Here are some of the resources we’re introducing from the start; we’ll be adding more in the coming few weeks.

Revision Checklists

Obviously it’s essential to keep on top of your notes, and finding areas of weakness can be great in getting marks up in certain topics. Revision Checklists are a brilliant way of identifying where your strengths are, where you’ve missed out on some notes and where you need to focus your time. Make sure you cover the whole specification with our Revision Checklists.

Synoptic Links

An important part of A Level Politics is using knowledge in different areas. For example, you need to reference UK Government and Politics when answering AQA US Government and Politics questions. Knowing when and how to use synoptic links can be the secret to unlocking the top marks. We’ve put together a document that outlines synoptic links and how you can use them more effectively.

Test Tracker

Whether you’ve completed tests in class or practice papers at home, it’s important to keep track of how you’ve done over time. It allows you to both see where your improvements are in relation to Assessment Objectives, and where you now need to focus your revision time for certain topics. We’ve also included space for you to reflect on recent test marks.

Check out Revision Tools now!

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Introducing Revision Tools

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