Mock Exams – our tips to master your mocks

Mock exams are right around the corner, and this year has been like no other. So, we’ve written this article to show you the best ways to revise and the best resources to help you get great mock grades!

1: Patch the gaps

Mock exams will test your knowledge of (pretty much) every aspect of the A-Level Politics course. It is vital that you figure out where the gaps in your knowledge are to ensure that you are ready for any question!

  • Revision Checklist – go through your notes and tick off every topic you’ve got notes for. Our checklists make it easy to ensure you have the entire specification covered.
  • Course Notes – unsure of a topic? Our course notes will give you the details you need.

2: Up to date examples

Politics is a great subject because the case studies and examples are happening as we speak! It is therefore a great idea to ensure that you have kept and are keeping up to date with political developments for your mock exams.

  • BBC News – reading the news daily will allow you to engage with developments as they happen.
  • Tutor2u – this website runs a weekly quiz meaning you can keep updated with the news every week.

3: Practice, practice, practice!

The best way to revise is to complete practice exam questions. Unfortunately, the exam board haven’t released many past papers, but great news! Study Politics have written a range of practice papers for both AQA and Edexcel specifications. Completing practice papers will allow you to find out where your technique could use improvement, and also highlight any topics you need to focus answering questions on for your mock exams.

Find our practice paper packs in the style of AQA and Edexcel here.

4: Other useful ideas

  • Ask your teacher if there are any topics that won’t be on your mock exams. This way you can focus your revision in a more effective way. You can also ask them to go over any topics you have covered but aren’t sure of.
  • Check the exam board website to find your specification and other useful resources. AQA is here, and Edexcel is here.
  • Get in touch with your fellow students to potentially revise together (social distant of course!) and share ideas.
  • Get in touch with us if you need any help, or need any advice with your mock exams.

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