Results Day 2020 & Autumn Exam Dates Announced

JCQ, Ofqual and exam boards have announced what happens on and after Results Day 2020.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, all A-Levels were cancelled this summer. Results from Centre Assessed Grades will be announced on Thursday 13 August, and there is an appeals process should candidates feel they have not been fairly assessed by exam boards or their centre. The aim of this post is to clarify what happens should a candidate feel this way.

What happens on results day?

Students’ results can be released from 08:00 on Thursday 13 August. Many centres will not allow students to physically go into school, so results may be posted or released on an online portal. UCAS will also update students who have applied to courses whether they have been successful or unsuccessful.

How were the grades awarded?

The grade you have been awarded went through a large number of people starting in March. Any work done previously for your subjects, including mock exams, coursework, practice papers, classwork, homework etc, was considered by your subject teacher and Head of Department. This grade then went to the Senior Leadership Team (e.g. Deputy/Assistant Head), and was signed off by the Head of Centre (Dean, Headmaster/Headmistress). Finally, the exam boards engaged in standardisation, meaning that a centre that usually receives Bs and Cs didn’t get all A*s or Us.

What if I’m not happy?

If you are not happy with the grade you have been awarded, the first thing to do is speak to a member of staff at your centre. This will usually result in an appeal made to the exam board. If, after this, you are still not happy, exams can be sat in the autumn for you to prove how you would have performed had exams been taken in the summer.

Autumn 2020 Exam Dates

AQA AS (7151)

Paper 1 (UK government and politics): Monday 5th October, Afternoon

AQA A-Level (7152)

Paper 1 (UK government and politics): Monday 5th October, Afternoon
Paper 2 (US government and politics): Thursday 8th October, Afternoon
Paper 3 (Political ideas): Tuesday 13th October, Afternoon

Edexcel AS (8PL0)

Paper 1 (UK Politics): Monday 5th October, Afternoon
Paper 2 (UK Government): Thursday 8th October, Afternoon

Edexcel A-Level (9PL0)

Paper 1 (UK Politics & Core Political Ideas): Monday 5th October, Afternoon
Paper 2 (UK Government & Non-Core Political Ideas): Thursday 8th October, Afternoon
Paper 3 (USA or Global Politics): Tuesday 13th October, Afternoon

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