Integrating the Study Politics App and Website

It’s been over 6 months since we launched the Study Politics App, and the response has been fantastic! We’ve loved the feedback that students have about being able to carry the whole A-level Politics course with them on their phone, and access the Study Politics platform wherever they are.

We have gathered some important and useful feedback over the past few months, and I’m excited to share with you some improvements and changes that are coming to the Study Politics app very soon.

Offline Courses

One of the most requested features – we are adding the option for students to download the courses to be able to view offline. This means that you can continue to revise, even when you’re somewhere with little signal, or abroad on holiday.

This feature is still being tested, and we’re working hard on making sure it’s released when it’s ready.

Improved Help & FAQs

One thing that was missing from the app from the start was a dedicated help page, with frequently asked questions about how to navigate the app. We’ve now added this page, so that students can quickly find out where something is in the app, and how to use it.

Improved Navigation

Some of our students have mentioned that they find it difficult to navigate the app, and some features they expect to find in one place are found somewhere else. We’re re-working the app navigation to make it flow a lot more smoothly and naturally.

This includes utilising the bottom menu a lot better, and splitting out our Courses and Revision resources.

App & Web Harmony

The Study Politics app and website are designed to work hand-in-hand with each other. You log in using the same details, and progress is saved and shared between the two platforms. However, we know that some aspects of the two seem very far apart. That’s why we’ve focussed a lot on bringing the app and web experiences closer together.

From a unified icon set that is identical across app and web, to updating copy so that there is uniformity across Study Politics, we are making sure that changes and improvements that occur to one platform take shape on the other too.

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